Our Values

⇐ The Wings, because we are a service organization

⇐ Two-Head Light Bulb, because we believe in ideas in partnership

⇐ The Circular Flow, because our work aims to improve the systems that impact our communities




A Note From NC CIVIL Director, J. McNair:

Our society has been on track for thousands of years, building great structures, buildings, industries, institutions, and everything between. Because this is the path we chose, a person who wants to advance in life and provide for their family can typically only do so by participating in the building of these industries and institutions. Our institutions have so much power that they forget that for their livelihood, they must also be pledged to serving the people.

The greater our industries and institutions get, the harder it naturally is for them to think and act with people and communities foremost in mind. Wherever the relationship between community and industry is torn, you find broken communities characterized by poverty, inequity, and crime. This strains the relationship even more, resulting in policies, penalties, and also prejudice.

The Community & Industry Value Interactionist League (NC CIVIL) works to serve our communities and our industries and institutions, focusing our work in communities to build models that are people and solution centric. Our people-based community development model serves as an open source platform where education, employment, criminal diversion, health, and business can all access and integrate into our communities through shared resources and a unified commitment to people.

J. McNair, Executive Director

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Jermaine T. McNair
NC CIVIL Founding Director / Community Organizer / Outreach Specialist

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