Westgate Project

In October 2016 NC CIVIL cut the ribbon for our new outreach office centered in our city’s under served West Greenville community. As a locally grown organization known for serving and partnering across many civic platforms, this was NC CIVIL’s homecoming and we brought our vast partnerships with us.

Our Westgate Project is an outreach service initiative that not only uses snowball sampling models to reach and serve at risk young adults in our community, but turns our under served community into a platform for hands on service training and skill development that is supported with classroom training and work experience opportunities. We partner with our local hospital, Police Department, our Community College and University, as well as local businesses and community centers to help connect community resources to residents and for structural support that strengthens the impact and furthers the trajectory of our programs. As our partnerships and our programs expand, they do so in tandem with the growth of our under served populations. Together we are laying the new framework of economic development that breaks ground through community service and trans-formative community projects that celebrate and support the culture of West Greenville. Our mission is to build our community’s capacity to build our community.

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