About Us

NC CIVIL is Grass Roots Community Development. Our mission is to re-establish and strengthen the social, economic, legal, and political processes in our communities for improved civic life and sustainability.

CIVIL Social Events create platforms where community members can come together to contribute and celebrate positive values that raise group consciousness. Through these events NC CIVIL partners with local promoters and social organizations. Through these partnerships we are able to reconcile cultural values with civic values when they sometimes clash and incorporate those into the social platforms for the community to enjoy.

CIVIL Works Youth Enterprises takes mentoring into the active workforce to build relationships with young men, put in practice a set of working values, and empower our young people to better assume their role as value producers in our society.

CIVIL Talks uses NC CIVIL sponsored media tools to inform and raise the conversation about issues affecting our communities. Tune into our live radio show every Wednesday on ENC96Radio.com, and stay tuned to our updates for special live broadcasts.

Community-Industry Sports Tournaments invites local business to get participate in the community building efforts, while simultaneously working team building for their employees and community engagement for their company brands. In the same stroke, our community members get to enjoy positive social interaction with local businesses that aren’t often present in their neighborhoods.

Visit our new office location at 800 W. 5th St Greenville NC, and see more of our active partnerships at work as we do our part to ensure the delivery of a list of great social services, including but not limited to mentoring and criminal diversion, early literacy and tutoring,  GED & college enrollment, small business development.

Be an Advocate: Subscribe to our Newsletter, Share our Information, and Be a Source of Knowledge about Our Programs. 

Consider a Financial Contribution: 90% of our funding has come from active fundraising rather than donors, but as we move into more concentrated programs, those who can commit to scheduled donations will be vital to our success.

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