The Westgate Agreement

A revolution in local community policing and community building:



 When a young person is arrested, it doesn’t have to mark the beginning of a downward life spiral. It can mark the beginning of responsibility and rebuilding.

Rather than passing the blame, the Westgate Agreement is our community standing up to take responsibility for the process of building, learning, growing, and correcting when things go wrong in our neighborhoods. This agreement says it’s not law enforcement’s job alone, and whether or not we agree with how policing is being done, we can match our grievances with our commitment to process.

Law enforcement is supposed to be a service to the community, but unless that service is put to proper use, it is provided in vain. This agreement answers the question of how we make proper use of law enforcement in our communities.

So, for any Greenville Police Officer working in the West Zone, whenever a young person is apprehended or arrested, that name (to the extent allowed by law) will then be transferred onto a list that is regularly reported to the Westgate Coalition. The Westgate Coalition will then begin coordinating services around the individual, the family, and the environment of issue.

The Westgate Coalition, with support from our local criminal justice agencies will consist of mentors and community leaders, volunteer service organizations, mental health and substance abuse counselors, community resource providers and local businesses all contributing to a better community.

Local leaders and professionals will serve as mentors to the young persons. Community advocacy groups and agencies will form a service network coalition of support resources for the family. Volunteer service groups (with the help of local businesses and individual sponsors) will bring creative projects and positive activities to neglected areas.

This renewed commitment to our under served communities will bring in a migration and an integration of positive values. This migration will be led by our area’s most trusted leaders in service, and backed by our areas most trusted business brands, helping to build stronger relationships and a growing sense of welcome in our communities – one officer and one young person, one family, one street at a time.

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